Continuation of periodic meetings between the two Tunisian and Libyan Bureaux and signing of an agreement for the settlement of unpaid debts

At the end of November 2021, a meeting was held in Tunisia at the headquarters of the General Insurance Committee, between the Tunisian and Libyan Bureaux, in the presence of the Presidents of the two insurance supervisory authorities, the Executive Director of the Tunisian Federation of Insurance, the Chairman of the two Bureaux, the Managers of the two Bureaux as well as the Secretary General of the Arab General Union Federation.

The working sessions led to the conclusion of a bilateral agreement which provides for the procedures for rescheduling the debts of Libyan insurance companies on the one hand, and the procedures for supplying the Libyan Bureau with orange cards on the other.

Working sessions were also held during 2021 and 2022 with certain Libyan insurance companies aimed at confronting the debts of these companies and fixing the reserves for open files.

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