Orange card system

Whats is Orange Card ?

The “orange card” system was founded on April 26, 1975 during the signing of the inter-Arab convention in Tunis known as the “Orange Card Convention” which was signed by 20 Arab countries (

The orange card system is managed by the “General Arab Insurance Federation – GAIF” which is an inter-Arab government body that operates under the guardianship of the League of Arab Countries. It brings together all the federations, Unified Bureaux, and Arab insurance companies, it manages all questions related to the insurance sector in all members of “the orange card system”.


Inspired by the Green Card system, the orange card system aims primarily to encourage and facilitate the traffic of vehicles and people between the Arab countries, signatories of the convention, and to promote trade between these countries.

The Orange Card constitutes, in each signatory country of this convention, proof of compulsory insurance against third party liability arising from the use of a land motor vehicle.


In each country that is a member of the orange card system, a Unified Bureau is created whose mission is to organize the issuance of the orange card by the insurance companies that are members of this Bureau and to receive requests of accident victims which caused by vehicles insured by an orange card issued by an insurance company that is a member of an Arab Bureau.